50 Cent Accidentally Made $8 Million in Bitcoin Thanks to 2014 Album

“I forgot I did that sh*t.”

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Curtis Jackson is better known to fans as 50 Cent. Most fans know his stage name is not a reference to his bank account. As for 50, he apparently doesn’t even know how much he has in the bank.

Because how do you miss $8 million? Pretty easily, according to Fitty.

TMZ reports the rapper earned the money on his 2014 album Animal Ambition, which was available for purchase with Bitcoin, at the time still a rare and lesser-known form of cryptocurrency. 

50 acknowledged the money in an Instagram comment that’s been deleted, reports Newsweek, saying, “I’m a keep it real I forgot I did that shit. Lol.”

We’re not sure why he’d delete that, it’s pretty funny, but he did later tweet about it.


While no less than Jordan Belfort—the real Wolf of Wall Street—has said he considers Bitcoin nothing but a scam, it’s certainly been on the rise. TMZ reports that when 50 put his album on sale, Bitcoin was valued at $662/coin. 

Now it’s regularly swinging between $10-12,000 per coin. So his profit makes sense. 

That said, Bitcoin has been taking a nosedive of late.

50 Cent
One rich man.

We’re in no position to give 50 Cent advice, but it seems like he might want to cash out. A guy who once had to pay $23 million to settle a bankruptcy needs to hang on to everything he has.

h/t TMZ