The 6 Best Hangover Helpers

Nothing says “good morning” like food porn.

Food makes everything better, so if you’re suffering after a night of partying or lonely basement boozing, rub your eyes and chow down on these “breakfasts” of champions.

1. Fat Bitch

At Are U Hungry, State College, PA

Known to Penn State students as the home of the fat sandwich, any item off the menu makes for awesome late night drinking food. The Fat Bitch just so happens to be their #1 seller: an awesome 6” sub roll with cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, French fries, ketchup and mayo. It’s sunshine on a plate.

2. All-Day Irish Breakfast

At Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant, Annapolis, MD

An awesome full breakfast consisting of two eggs, Irish sausages, rashers (that means bacon), black and white pudding (Google it), mushrooms, tomatoes, and pan-friend potato bread. Things we can guarantee; You will be full after eating this and your body will thank you. Things we cannot guarantee: It’ll make you skinny and more attractive.

3. Ya-Ka-Mien aka “Old Sober”

Miss Linda’s Catering, New Orleans

Next time you’re pounding back a few at one of NOLA’s numerous festivities (Jazz Fest, Essence Music Festival, Super Sunday, any Wednesday of the year…the list goes on), ask around for Miss Linda who operates out of the back of her big blue truck. You’ll increase your chances for powering through the next day of festivities by ordering the Ya-Ka-Mein, a savory soup of Cantonese-style beef brisket and spaghetti noodles, floating in a broth seasoned with soy sauce and Creole spices, and topped with a hard-boiled egg. It’s earned the nickname ‘Old Sober’ for a reason.

4. Montanara- Fried Pizza Margherita

At La Montanara, NYC

Any potential guilt you could feel about eating a fried pizza is known to magically disappear between 5pm and 4am, which coincidentally are the operating hours of this Italian joint. Conveniently located among the bars in the Lower East Side, grab a slice (or a pie) before heading to home to ward off hangover effects beforehand. Plus, in addition to the greasy goodness, tomatoes are good for your liver!

5. “The New Luther”

At Churchkey, Washington D.C.

Not only is this magnificent house-made maple glazed pecan donut sandwich an off-menu item, they only make thirty of them during brunch so get there early to stake your claim! It comes stuffed with deep-fried chicken and bacon as well as a side of fries, which equates to all grease, protein, sugar, and carbs you need to get you through the day!

6. The Duane Purvis All-American

At Triple XXX Family Restaurant, West Lafayette, IN

Craving a burger on a hungover afternoon is nothing new, but this local legend comes with a special ingredient: peanut butter. The high-fat content may not be good for your waistline, but it will help your hangover when it’s smeared on top of a ¼ lb 100% ground sirloin patty with melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion.

Runners Up:

Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze

At the Borgata, Atlantic City

A delicious dessert-like breakfast consisting of three rich and fluffy pancakes drizzled with cream cheese glaze, powdered sugar, and sweet syrup topping. This stack packs enough grease and sugar to kick start your way to a full recovery. The best part of all? Order it from the Borgata’s in-room dining menu and you can skip all the adverse effects of actually having to get out of bed, or even getting dressed.

The “Chicken Tender” Egg Casserole

At Sam & George’s, Chicago

A Skillet Full of Hash browns with chunks of chicken tenders smothered with biscuit gravy and served with your choice of toast or biscuits and gravy. The large grade AA eggs mixed in with the potatoes and chicken is the perfect extreme amount of protein and cholesterol your body is craving.

The Hangover

At MLT, Miami Beach

You can’t argue with a dish actually called ‘The Hangover,’ right? Especially when it’s an authentic Philly-style cheesesteak with your choice of rib eye or chicken and topped with Cheez Whiz, French fries, sautéed onions, bacon, and a fried egg. This protein power-packed sandwich is sure to hit the spot. Ask for an extra egg or double meat to really up the ante on the cholesterol and protein scales.

The Hangover Omelette

At Crest Café, San Diego

Again, if a dish has the word ‘hangover’ in its name it’s going to help you. For the omelet lovers out there, this four egg beast comes filled with jalapenos, avocado, spicy chicken sausage and jack cheese, topped with chimichurri sauce to guarantee that you’ll be sweating those toxins out in no time! Not to mention it comes with your choice of a side dish. We recommend the potatoes and toast or even the simply sliced roma tomatoes to send you on your way.

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