7 Awesome Beer Pong Trick Shot Videos

They are the Michael Jordans of Ping-Pong ball tossing.

For those heading to the World Series of Beer Pong on Jan. 1-5 in Las Vegas, watch these compilation videos of awesome beer pong trick shots carefully. If you see any of these guys staring at you from across the table, you might want to go home. Or just hang around and prepare to get shitfaced. 

After enjoying the trick shots below, check out what happened when Maxim tagged along with the WSOBP champs last year!

Here they are, in no particular order of awesomeness:

Our favorite shot: Bounces the ball off three tilted stools.

Our favorite shot: An upper-level gym shot.

Our favorite shot: A two stool and five bouncer into the cup.


Our favorite shot: A no-look grocery store aisle toss into a moving buggy.

Our favorite shot: Big air out the window.

Our favorite shot: Six perfect throws into a stacked pyramid of cups.


Our favorite shot: Off the bunk-bed slam dunk.

For more insight into the suds-soaked days of the WSOBP, check out what happened when Maxim tagged along with the champs last year.