The 7 Best Movie Fart Scenes

This week’s low-budget horror flick Silent But Deadly seems like as good a reason as any to let ‘er rip.

Silent But Deadly is a low-budget comedy/horror movie that supposedly hits theaters this week (although, good luck finding it playing anywhere). That seemed like as good a reason as any to round up the best movie farts. Watch these clips at your own risk, and remember: whoever denied it…

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

The nice thing about the Austin Powers franchise is that there are just so many on-screen farts to choose from. But we chose one that involves a sexy lady in a hot tub, because we recognize that if you wanted to see a Fat Bastard pass gas, you could just eat a Chipotle burrito while gazing into a mirror.

Step Brothers

This scene from Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s 2008 comedy – in which they engage in an extended, gratuitous rectal symphony during a job interview – is something we can really identify with, since awkward silences and extreme flatulence are both hallmarks of a successful Maxim interview. In fact, the smellier the bomb, the more likely you are to get hired here. We’re like the New York Times that way.

Rain Man

Legend has it that Dustin Hoffman dropped a real-life stink bomb while shooting this scene, which begs the question: Would you rather be trapped in a phone booth with Hoffman and his heinous anus, or trapped anywhere with Tom Cruise? We’d “definitely, definitely” go with Hoffman, because when all is said and done, Cruise is definitely more full of shit.


Rodney Dangerfield wasn’t just the heavyweight champion of delivering a punchline, he was also a master of anal acoustics. This clip should settle the ongoing debate of whether, after breaking wind at the dinner table, it is best to pretend nothing happened and excuse yourself, or draw as much attention to the offense as humanly possible.

Nutty Professor

This scene depicting the morbidly obese Klump family farting their way through a meal takes us back to the good old days, when the phrase “Eddie Murphy dropped a bomb” might refer to a hilariously scathing joke rather than dismal box office returns. Unfortunately, we can never un-see this. Or this. Or this.

Blazing Saddles

Nobody does it like icon Mel Brooks. Farting, that is. But also, comedy! The mass tooting-‘round-the-campfire moment from the 1974 classic hints at one possible reason those saddles were blazing. We’re talking about steamy, bean-induced stink torpedoes. Just in case that wasn’t clear.  

Dumb & Dumber

You probably thought we were going to use Jeff Daniels’ infamous toilet scene here, but we’re throwing you for a loop by including Jim Carrey’s crowd-pleasing atomic fire-starter instead. Do not try this at home – unless you are dumberer.