The 7 Biggest Freak Outs in Sports

Turns out, throwing stuff at refs, cameramen, and TV hosts isn’t actually part of the game.

Turns out, throwing stuff at refs, cameramen, and TV hosts isn’t actually part of the game.

Delmon Young Throws His Bat At An Umpire

Young, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2003 MLB Draft, went way over the line when he tossed his wooden stick at an umpire over a call that Young didn’t agree with. His hit on the ump earned Delmon a 50-game suspension (which was the longest in the 123-year history of the Triple-A International League), while costing him $145,000 of his $500K a year contract. Still, after seeing this shit, we’ll never heckle a word to the guy.

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Jerzy Janowicz: “How Many Times??”

Before this year’s Australian Open, we guarantee that you didn’t know who this tennis player was. But that all changed when he blew his top at an umpire, begging and screaming about a call, shrieking, “

How many times???

” over and over again on the court, before tossing a water bottle at the ump’s chair in-between games. There was no punishment for the Polish player’s outburst – besides a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct – but he did gain internet fame for being a crazy bastard, so that’s something.

Jim Everett On The Jim Rome Show

Jim Rome can really push a guy’s buttons, can’t he? Former NFL QB Jim Everett found that out the hard way when, in an interview on Rome’s TV show, the host constantly referred to the guy as Chris – as in the former female tennis star, Chris Evert, as a criticism for his supposedly less-than-manly style of play. What does Rome get for his name-calling? A shoving match with the big man, who has recently shown a lot of remorse over the incident. Just kidding! He laughed about the incident, calling it hilarious and saying that he’d do it all over again.

Jose Offerman Punching An Umpire

We’re not going to accuse a career .273 hitter like Offerman of juicing, but some of his incidents definitely have a roid-raged feel to them. First, in 2007, the 15-year Major Leaguer was hit by a pitch and charged the mound, swinging at both the pitcher and catcher during a minor league at-bat. Then in 2010, he followed that up by punching an umpire during an argument when he was interim manager of a Dominican winter league team, leading stadium security to detain him, and earning him a lifetime ban from the Dominican Baseball League. Weirdly, he was already replacing the full-time skipper after


was suspended for bumping an ump himself. Maybe there’s something in the water down there in the Dominican Republic?

Tim Belcher Goes Off After Giving Up A Home Run

Note to all aspiring cameramen out there: when a pitcher gives up a game-winning homer in a playoff game (as Belcher did during the ’95 ALDS against the Yanks), under no circumstances should you hit that “Record” button to capture the scene. Why? Because of what might happen, like that pitcher screaming at you. Belcher’s tirade – for which embedding has been disabled,

but which you can watch here

– is still one of our all-time favorites, mainly because he looks like he’s about to cry.

John McEnroe’s “You Cannot Be Serious!”

Johnny Mac’s a seven-time Grand Slam winner, but thanks to his temper, novice tennis fans are probably more familiar with his outbursts than his actual play on the court. In 1981, in one of his most famous rants, McEnroe called one umpire the “pits of the world,” (costing him $1,500), later going berserk during a separate match and repeatedly yelling his most iconic lines. Besides the fine for the personal comment on the ump, Mac cashed-in on the saying – it’s been associated with him ever since, and was even the title of his autobiography.

Brett Lawrie Throws Helmet At Umpire

When a player argues balls and strikes with an umpire, it usually doesn’t end too well for the guy in the batter’s box. But in Brett Lawrie’s case, he wasn’t going to let the boys in blue get him down over a couple questionable strike calls – the third baseman got so pissed at umpire Bill Miller, that he spiked his helmet to the turf before it bounced up and hit Miller in the hip, as Lawrie continued chirping at him. Surprisingly, Lawrie was only suspended for four games, but for his Gronk-like spike, he showed that football players aren’t the only ones who know how to slam some shit to the ground.

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