Watching 7000 Matches Burn Is Surprisingly Relaxing

This is the most lit birthday cake we’ve ever seen.

Whoever is behind the YouTube account HTD is garnering an astounding amount of attention by creating a various different shapes with matches and lighting them ablaze on camera. As much as we’d like to condemn millions of viewers who have wasted their time staring at a computer screen watching fire happen, we can’t. Because as it turns out, watching fire happen is awesome. 

In this video, 7000 matches are arranged in three tiers stacked on top of each other, with the largest on bottom and the smallest on top. Something about watching and listening to them burn is strangely satisfying. Like a good story, the flames start out small and the action increases in an orderly fashion. The fire burns brighter and louder, eventually reaching the climax largest bottom tier ignites. Then there’s the falling action that occurs, as just a glint of flame slowly burns out on top of the construct’s charred remains. 

Yeah, it’s just an elaborate stack of matches. But just try to watch it without feeling at least a little hint of a soothing sensation. 

One thing, HTD. Might want to consider taking your activities outside. You know the saying: If you play with fire, you might accidentally burn your fucking house down. 

h/t Esquire