75 ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Easter Eggs and Hidden Details Revealed In One Video

How many of these did you spot while binging Season 3?

Cobra Kai, the massively popular Netflix series spin-off of the 1980s The Karate Kid film franchise, hasn’t just been racking up blockbuster viewership numbers since Season 3 began streaming on January 1. The show’s creators have also been cleverly cramming hidden “easter eggs” and callbacks to the original films in multiple scenes of the new season. If you haven’t already binged Cobra Kai Season 3 and plan to, stop reading now and check back when you’re done. 


But if you’ve already crushed all ten episodes, feast your eyes upon the fascinating video above, in which Paul from the Heavy Spoilers channel breaks down no fewer than 75 hidden shout-outs in Cobra Kai to The Karate Kid movies that you probably missed, spanning from Tory’s skeleton hoodie that references the costumes worn by Johnny and his pals in the first movie to more obscure references like grown-up Johnny punching through a car window of two guys he argues with at a bar in the Season 3 premiere. That little freak out references John Kreese punching through a window while taking a swing at Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid 2. 


We could go on (and on) describing more easter eggs, but if you’re a diehard Cobra Kai fan, you’ll want to check out all 75 in the video above.