The 8 Best Jokes of 2014

As determined through rigorous analysis.

Kim Jong Un can’t take a joke, but the free world still can – and there were plenty to enjoy this year as stand-ups released special after (Netflix) special. Culled from those hours and hours of tape, here are the best jokes of 2014. 

1. Chelsea Peretti – Bananas in Public

2. Hannibal Buress – Rappers on Molly

3. Bill Burr – Helicopter Rides

4. Jackie Kashian – Online Dating

5. Wyatt Cenac – Wyatt vs. McCartney

6. Tracy Morgan – Crooked Vietnam Wig

7. Ron Funches – Don’t Let This Cashmere Sweater Fool You

8. Maria Bamford – Paula Deen Suicide Note

Photos by Chris Schwegler / Corbis