The 8 Best Moments in “Feeling Myself”

Thank God Beyonce and Nicki escaped from Tidal to lay their bejeweled swagger upon us. 

Jay-Z’s hip and exclusive digital country club—Tidal—is playing hardball with fans. Do you want see the latest, wild collaboration between two of music’s biggest stars, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé? It’s not on YouTube, Vevo [poor Vevo], or the Apple store: the “Feeling Myself” video is a Tidal exclusive. Luckily for the thirsting hoards, the lawless internet has leaked the video, allowing us a peak at the luxurious, A-list visuals enjoyed by Tidal’s dozens of subscribers. It is very good: bedazzled Bulls jerseys, Nicki in the kitchen, and Beyonce in a bucket hat are just the beginning. Here are our favorite slices of Jay’s forbidden fruits, with annotated GIFs for the richest peeking-over-the-digital-fence experience; we respect Jay-Z’s business acumen, but everyone knows a party is best when all are invited. 

1. The Queen Gets Kooky

Though we understand that being royal demands a heavy veneer of elegance, we cheer any time Beyonce lets her fancy, fancy façade drop and makes wild eyes at the camera.

2. Bucket Hat B

We usually look at bucket hats with unmitigated horror, but Beyonce—she who could work a dusty burlap sack—makes the bucket beautiful.

3. Nicki Cooks

While not the most efficient way to whip [Onika should really be containing the motion to her wrist], this full-body gyration makes for a compelling visual snack.

4. Fur in the Pool

Fur, if you can afford, is appropriate to wear wherever you damn well please. (Like, the kiddie pool.)

5. Carry On

With perfect diction and an icy glare, Yoncé requests the festivities continue. They, of course, do. 

6. Is That Bubblicious?

Beyonce—the author of “Bootylicious”—loves Bubblicious. We should have guessed. 

7. Smize to Smile

Though they’re not sisters, they’d make a mean, 21st century sister act—look at that coordination!


Like most things Nicki does and wears, this personalized, “PERVERT” jersey is slightly horrifying but delightful.