8 Things We Learned From the First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Just in time for the holiday, here’s exactly what we’re thankful for. 

The internet went into a frenzy after the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The third installment in the franchise finds Captain America going up against some of his Avenger pals over the implementation of a registration act that would restrict superhuman activity. Extreme Marvel fans know that this moment, which marks the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3, is a big one, and directors Anthony and Joe Russo threw a lot at us in the 2:33 video, which closes with a blowout battle sure to leave audience members sweating in their seats.

But before we get into that final moment, let’s take a look at some other epic things we noticed during our multiple viewings of the surprise trailer.

1. Bucky is Back (and He Remembers!)

“You used to wear newspapers in your shoes,” utters a slumped-over Bucky Barnes (formerly known as the extremely dangerous Winter Soldier). It appears that Cap’s best friend is back to his old ways, proving that his bad deeds are behind him with a few reminders of the duo’s past. But even though Cap and Falcon have forgiven Buck for his crimes, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world has. 

It’s also worth noting that the trailer’s opening picks up right where Ant-Man‘s post-credit left off. How’s that for a little continuity?

2. Sokovia Accords = Superhero Registration

We haven’t seen General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross since he was keeping an innocent-looking Liv Tyler away from Ed Norton back in 2008’s The IncredibleHulk, and it looks like his return is going to be a driving force for the film’s main event. While chatting with Cap, the General insists that the world isn’t capable of tolerating his actions any longer without some guided supervision. He follows up his statement by slapping a textbook-sized document on the table. What’s that document? The Sokovia Accords (named for the eastern European city that was totally destroyed during Avengers: Age of Ultron), the MCU equivalent to the comics’ Superhero Registration Act that Cap will certainly not stand for. Cue the fist fights in three, two..

3. Black Widow Jumps Ship

At the conclusion of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see a brand new line-up with Cap at the forefront, including Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Vision, War Machine, and original member Black Widow. By the looks of it, it seems that Natasha Romanoff isn’t so keen on following Cap into battle. “You’ll only make things worse,” she warns a shades wearing, hat toting Captain, putting her friend on the defensive. Is the Russian spy playing double agent, or will her feelings toward the Sovokia Accords put her on Team Iron Man for good?

4. Falcon’s Got an Upgrade

We’ll be the first to admit that Falcon wasn’t exactly our favorite part of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Sure, the addition of another superhero was great and all, but a former pararescuer turned winged gunslinger didn’t really do much for us. That being said, it seems like Anthony Mackie has gotten a serious upgrade since his last appearance in Ant-Man, and we’re into it. The trailer shows us Falcon as he takes off some armed guards on his own with some kung-fu karate magic. Did we mention his wings have a new design as well? Hanging out with Captain America has definitely paid off.

5. Our First Look at Team Captain America

Age of Ultron closed with Captain America standing strong with Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Falcon, Vision, and War Machine. Now, the trailer confirms that Team Cap consists of Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, the Winter Soldier, and Falcon standing against the Sokovia Accords (note in the second GIF below…is Scarlet Witch flying?), facing down Iron Man and War Machine (at least). No sign of Ant-Man or Spider-Man just yet, but we can count on some new promo shots before the film’s May 2016 release date. 

6. Black Panther Joins the Battle

Nothing says an epic battle like slow-motion running. While we watch Team Cap run towards their opponents, we get our first glimpse at Wakanda native Black Panther. His suit looks so, so much better than we first thought, with earlier images making him look like a oddly-dressed cat burglar. We still don’t know much about his role in the film, or why he’s siding with Iron Man (is he?), but we do know that he seems to have it out for The Winter Soldier. This can’t be good. 

7. Bye Bye, Rhodey?

Some of these characters are going to die. We learned the hard way in Avengers: Age of Ultron that the death of these beloved superheroes is inevitable (I mean, poor Quicksilver never even stood a chance). We expect some major casualties in this upcoming installment, but we didn’t think the very first trailer would reveal something so drastic.. but we might be wrong. A shot of a bruised up Tony Stark lying on the ground with pal War Machine in his lap leaves us wondering if James Rhodes will ever get up again. Did directors Anthony and Joe Russo include this footage just to show us they’re really not playing around for Phase 3?

8. The Battle of All Battles

This is going to be brutal. In the closing moment of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, we see Cap attempting to explain his actions to Iron Man. “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice, but he’s my friend,” he explains, clearly to Tony Stark. And his response? “So was I.” Gut-wrenching would be an understatement — but then we’re immediately treated to Iron Man getting double teamed by Cap and Winter Soldier, with no energy beam strong enough to withstand their superpowered fists. Iron Man falls to his knees, Cap goes to deliver a final(?) blow.. and fade to black. Goddamn you, Marvel.