9 Burning Questions We Need Answering At Pro Day

10, if you count, “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?”

These 2013 NFL draft prospects come with questions that need answering, and each one of them will have the opportunity to do just that at his upcoming pro day. One might think that professional talent evaluators—NFL scouts, GMs and executives—would have most everything figured out by now. After all, scouts have spent the better part of a year grinding college film on these prospects. GMs have interviewed them at the combine, and many have been evaluated in real-practice action at the Senior Bowl.

This is not so. Some prospects still have to make a case for themselves by answering key questions. Here we outline them.

Jeff Gross / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

9. Matt Barkley, QB USC

Question that must be answered: Is he better than the rest of these guys?

Talk about question marks. This 2013 QB crop is chalk full of them. Geno Smith answered most of the questions surrounding his skill set at the NFL scouting combine where he threw the ball with a snap, power and ease of delivery that was apparent to all in attendance. A welcome change from the inconsistent play evaluators have gotten used to from the position during 2013’s pre-draft player-evaluation process. E.J. Manuel was the other QB who answered a lot of questions for himself through the process, and Manuel has seen his stock rise. Outside of these two players, all bets are off at quarterback. Each remaining prospect has more questions surrounding him than answers, regardless of how they perform at their pro day.

Besides Matt Barkley. If the way he dealt with the media at the combine was any clue, Barkley most certainly killed his interviews with teams. Barkley is engaging, confident, funny and sharp. What Barkley didn’t do was throw the ball or participate in any drills in Indy, as he is still recovering from a separated shoulder. All eyes will be on Barkley’s USC pro day, when he will—for the first time—finally throw and run drills for NFL scouts and team executives. The NFL media is hungry for one QB outside of Geno Smith to step up and separate themselves from the pack. Matt Barkley, like Ryan Tannehill last season, is a little late to the party, but this is his chance. 

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