9 Manly Must-Read Books

Read on for some bestselling suggestions guaranteed to put a little hair on your chest.

This summer marks the 115th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway’s birth. With that in mind, we went in search of proof that badass books for men are still a thing. Below, some bestselling suggestions guaranteed to put a little hair on your chest.

At some point in time reading and writing acquired an overly effeminate stigma, as if writing a novel wasn’t a manly pursuit. In defense of the genre, we are making the case that masculinity lives on in literature today, almost as vigorously as it did for Hemingway and Melville. We’ve done the research, and compiled this list of recently released bestsellers and upcoming works that will surely make you beat your chest like a caveman and reconsider shaving tomorrow.

George Washington’s Secret Six, by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger

What’s more patriotic than a book about the founding of America? A book about George Washington’s spies who aided in the founding of America, that’s what. (Second most patriotic? An eagle wearing red, white, and blue Zubaz.)

The Kill Switch, by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

A soldier. His dog. Bioweapons. Pharmaceutical kingpins. Siberia. If you’re not sold on this book already, then you’re clearly a My Little Pony collector.

Isolated Building Studies, photosby David Schalliol

This book reveals one of man’s most common traits: stubbornness. Chicago residents who just won’t sell their homes, and the stunning images they create.

Mission at Nuremberg,by Tim Townsend

If you want to give your moral compass a thrill ride, give this a read. How would you feel about praying for the souls of dying Nazi war criminals? Don’t bother answering. We can’t hear you.

A Difficult Par¸by James R. Hansen

Love golf, but suck at it? Us too. Maybe learning about the most influential course architect of the 20th century, Robert Trent Jones, will teach us how to read his greens. And teach us how to read, period. (We’re functionally illiterate.)

Across the Ravaged Land, by Nick Brandt

This book of photos showcases man’s dominance over beast in a way that would probably make Hemingway proud. But, for whatever reason it’s just making us sad.

Savage Harvest, by Carl Hoffman

At age 23 Michael Rockefeller disappeared while sailing off the cost of New Guinea and was thought to have become dinner for a bunch of cannibals. Fine…young…cannibals. #WeLoveThe80s.

The Great and Holy War, by Philip Jenkins

Learn about the religious motivations behind the First World War, and then go have a snack. You’ve earned it! (Available April 29, 2014.)

A Higher Call, by Adam Makos with Larry Alexander

This is the thrilling tale behind the lives of two enemy WWII fighter pilots. Basically, Hemingway was kind of a big war buff. We can’t emphasize that enough.