9 Things We Learned From the Latest ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

It’s time for you to pick a side.

Marvel’s latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War has garnered almost 20 million views in 24 hours — but should you be surprised? Said to be the best installment in the MCU thus far, this explosive new footage guarantees a good time come May 6th: a bulletproof Black Panther, the return of Bucky Barnes, and Ant-Man hitching a ride on one of Hawkeye’s arrows. Did we mention our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man even makes a cameo

With so much at stake, and so many moments to obsess over, we’ve GIF’d out the best 9 things to remember from the 2 and a half minutes of awesomeness so you wouldn’t have to.

1. Casualties Don’t Come Cheap 

After the Avengers sent Scarlet Witch’s hometown of Sokovia crashing to the ground, they left 177 casualties and over $450 million dollars of damage in their wake. Not to mention, their previous outings which haven’t been much smoother. Due to the abundant loss of life and money owed, Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) takes action by enforcing the Sokovia Accords on enhanced individuals — and thus begins the divide between Cap and Tony. 

2. You Have to Follow the Rules — or Else

Behold the Raft, a place to detain said individuals who do not abide by the newly enforced Sokovia Accords. Stark’s voice is heard while showing the insides of the government prison, so we can only assume that he’s in charge of the underwater facility. 

3. Blame It on Bucky

Just moments after an explosion that leaves T’Challa looking extremely distraught, he’s in full Black Panther mode and making his way after the Winter Soldier. Is Bucky truly to blame? We don’t know just yet, but clearly Black Panther thinks so as he pounces on the back of the motorcycle and delivers a whirlwind of hurt. 

4. Rhodes May Be Down and Out

We’ve seen the footage of War Machine falling from the sky already, but something about Tony’s distraught look this time around makes it seem that Rhodes may actually be down and out for the count. There have been rumors of an imminent ‘Civil War’ death, so that would make sense. Or could the Russo Brothers be revealing an on-screen death early on because there’s something much worse to come?

5. Superpowers Aren’t Everything

She may not have any super powers, but this scene proves that Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) is still quite the formidable opponent and valuable member of #TeamIronMan. Plus, she’s smokin’ hot.  

6. And Size Doesn’t Matter

In a scene pulled straight from the comics, Ant-Man hitches a ride on one of Clint Barton’s arrows before sliding through the grip of Iron Man mid-air. No word yet if he delivers a surprise blow to Tony, but we can expect something great to come from Paul Rudd in his second superhero appearance

7. We’re Experiencing a Little Déjà Vu

The last time Steve Rodgers uttered the words, “I can do this all day,’ he was a scrawny kid growing up in the forties whose only concern was big, bad bullies. Now, in 2016, Cap is squared off against another bully — but this time, it’s his former friend, Tony Stark. Will the past replay as Bucky comes to save the day? Or will this be a fight that, despite his super strength, Steve is unable to win?

8. There’s Going to Be a Massive Battle — And You’re Going to Have to Pick a Side

Prepare for the greatest 15 minutes of your entire life.

9. Spider-Man Is Here

A moment fans have long been waiting for — here’s our first look at Marvel’s take on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Tom Holland). His actions as he swings his way into focus clearly put his on Tony Stark’s team, but his motives are still unclear. We haven’t seen him in any promotional battle footage, and this scene clearly takes place before fists are thrown. We still have a few months to see where Peter Parker’s true allegiances will lie.

All will be answered when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th.