The A-Team Is Coming Back to TV

Pity the fool who thinks this reboot craze is ever going to stop. 

So I guess we’re just going to keep doing this until the networks run out of eighties TV shows to repackage.  (Because eighties television was so great?)

The A-Team is the latest show to get the reboot treatment, with 20th Century Fox Television planning an update of the action show about a team of military prison escapees-turned-vigilantes.  One of them — Baracus — played by Mr. T, made the mohawk-wearing actor a cultural phenomenon. 

But this time around, we get a Mrs. T — according to The Hollywood Reporter, the new A-team will have female members.  Fast & Furious writer-producer Chris Morgan is attached as the showrunner, and Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of The A-Team creator Stephen J. Cannell, will direct. 

Photos by Everett Collection