A$AP Rocky and Skrillex Join Forces, Chaos Ensues

The rapper and super-DJ team up in new video for “Wild For the Night.”

The rapper and super-DJ team up in new video for “Wild For the Night.”

In his new video for “Wild for the Night,” white-hot Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky headed down to the Dominican Republic with the track’s producer Skrillex, and by the looks of things, the odd couple had a helluva time. Sure, Dominican slums don’t look quite as luxurious as, say, the blinged-out mansions of ’90s-era Puffy joints, but Rocky and Co. prove the whole “Hawaiian shirts and long-johns-under-shorts” look can be as cool as furs and chains. Hip-hop’s come a long way! 

Skrillex recently told Maxim about how the collaboration came to be. “We were just hanging out in New York and he came out to one of my shows,” says the EDM hero. “We were in New York one night and just went to the studio and did this track. We’ve been buddies for a while.” 

Rocky’s debut, Long. Live. A$AP (which bowed at number one in January), is already a contender for hip-hop album of the year, and the collaboration with Skrillex sees him branching out into new territory. That’s a development his buddy is pretty psyched about. “He’s fucking awesome,” says Skrillex. “He’s a really good dude, really driven, and has a passion and vision. And he works hard as fuck!” 

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