The Abominable Ice Cream

Why is this pizza-flavored ice cream happening? Make it stop.

Why is this pizza-flavored ice cream happening? Make it stop.

It may be getting cold outside, but we’re not in the business of turning down a delicious ice cream cone. Of course, wacky ice cream purveyors Ben and Jerry’s is constantly inventing new drool-worthy mash-ups with entertaining names, but they generally stick to typical, sweet ingredients. But apparently some people prefer to live on the edge when it comes to their cones. Case in point: This local Philadelphia ice cream shop, which decided to throw together tomato paste, basil, garlic, tomato concentrate, oregano leaves, and cream, to make the world’s first (and hopefully last) pizza-flavored ice cream.

Now, we love pizza in its traditional form just like anybody else, but pizza ice cream? None for us, thanks. And while this might be one of the absolute worst ideas we’ve ever heard, it turns out there are other wildly unappetizing ice cream flavors being served elsewhere. Below are the most disgusting ice cream flavors we could find, and hope never to taste.

Sea creatures

Leave it to Japan to grind up fish into their ice cream. Not only are they stocking their shelves with tentacle-filled octupus ice cream, they’re also chowing down on eel, crab, and squid gut flavors. Those sound mouth-watering! (In that way that your mouth waters right before you vomit).

In place of your dinner

Apparently in Venezuela people prefer to forgo a traditional meal and settle for the ice cream representation of their favorite dinner foods. With flavors like spaghetti bolognese, fried pork rinds, and beet and corn, we just lost our appetites for the rest of the month.

Just plain weird

We don’t exactly understand British humor, but can only assume they’re “having a laugh” with these bizarre ice cream concoctions. From Stilton cheese to chicken fried steak to barbecue ice cream, we really can’t imagine why the Brits aren’t more famous for their cuisine.

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