The Absolute Best Moves of 2014 NFL Free Agency (So Far)

One day in, and there’s already been plenty of action.

In what has been an exciting free agency right off the bat, offenses have been loading up on talent. Golden Tate will give Matt Stafford another outlet. You know, for whenever he doesn’t feel like throwing to arguably the best receiver in history. The Giants added the promising legs of Rashad Jennings, and the Ravens resigned Jacoby Jones, which is smart, because he’s a dude who once did this

On the defensive side, the Cowboys cut DeMarcus Ware, who is said to be signing with the Broncos, a team that already signed Aqib Talib. Apparently, when your QB throws a record number of touchdowns through the air like he just don’t care (sorry), you don’t have to do too much offensive maintenance. Although Eric Decker is also on the market – a contract to Andre Caldwell most likely means the receiver will have to find a new home.

Who’s left, you ask? Lots of talent. Darrelle Revis has just been officially cut by the Bucs. An ACL tear is a difficult thing to come back from as a CB (just ask fellow free agent Terrell Thomas), but Revis probably has enough juice in his hype-tank to warrant one more juicy contract before hitting the bargain bin.

Michael Vick has been on the radar of both the Jets and the Raiders, the former getting pretty far down the road with the aging QB. Although talks reportedly hit a speed bump when Vick asked to be guaranteed a starting spot and the Jets reps were all like –

In the world of running backs, there is the old (Maurice Jones-Drew) and the new (Ben Tate) shopping around their talents. Quarterbacking is a little thin at the moment, unless you love Matt Schaub (you don’t), but it’s a deep QB draft, so there shouldn’t be too much movement.

And the biggest loser of free agency so far? Clueless Darren Sproles

Photos by John Pyle/ CSM/ Landov