‘Ace Ventura 3’ In The Works From ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Writers

Aaaaalll-righty then.

Ace Ventura/Video Still

In 1994 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective introduced the human cartoon that is Jim Carrey to the world in all his rubber-faced, butt-talking glory. Carrey was already pretty well-known, actually, but it’s easy to identify the movie’s premiere as the moment when the Canadian-born actor truly began his rise as a legit movie star.

Now, 27 years later, Ace Ventura might be on the way back to screens worldwide, as independent entertainment company Morgan Creek, the first movie’s production house, reportedly has Ace Ventura 3 in the works. 

This news comes from Park Circus and their spotlight article interviewing a rep for Morgan Creek:

What’s next for Morgan Creek, as we come out of the COVID 19 pandemic? What can audiences look forward to!

We’re pretty excited about our franchise developments with ‘Exorcist’ and the ‘Ace Ventura’ franchise – its noticeable from the 3 million fans chatting on the official Facebook page for Ace Ventura that audiences are clamouring for a third installment […] During COVID, audiences have been in love and are thrilled to have beloved characters brought back with new stories. Ace Ventura will see a new day at Amazon as a major motion picture/theatrical with the Sonic the Hedgehog writers.

The next most important question: Is Jim Carrey actually attached to this possible sequel? Well…Park Circus didn’t follow up with that so we don’t know for sure.


However, given the involvement of the Sonic the Hedgehog writing team of Pat Casey and Josh Miller–they clearly know how to write for Carrey, who played the villain Dr. Robotnik in Sonic— the odds are excellent. 

There aren’t any further details at the moment, but Ace, a.k.a. The Man Who Could Make His Butt Talk to Cops, will likely be streaming on small screens and perhaps in theaters too before we know it.