Act of Valor: Exclusive Pics

A first look at the new army action film, inspired by real-life Navy SEAL missions

Who needs classically trained actors when you’ve got real Navy SEALs in your movie? Here’s a sneak peek of Act of Valor, the new action movie hitting theaters February 24th that proves the SEALs are better at everything: Protecting, fighting, acting and probably Words with Friends. There’s nothing they can’t do. Take that, Jason Bourne. (We’re only kidding, Jason. Jeez. Take a joke, much?)

Damn. We thought we looked valiant when we rescued that Oreo between the couch cushions. Not only do the guys in this movie use real SEAL tech and vehicles, but they’re also not wearing sweatpants and a grape juice mustache. Guess we’re less valiant. [sigh]

Sure he’d love to hear how you lost your brand new phone at the party last night. Yep…tell him about it. He cares.

Quick! Shoot the fire before it burns you!

Dear Navy SEALs, Thanks for saving our lives AND making badass movies. That’s two we owe you. (Also, thanks for the sweater. We assume it was from you.)