Verizon Helped Create An Actual Working Cell Phone In Minecraft

Don’t be surprised if the video calls look a little blocky. 

People have created some legitimately crazy things in Minecraft. They’ve recreated sets from movies, bits and pieces from classic movies, and even entire video games like Pokèmon Red. The latest project, however, the brainchild of Verizon Wireless, takes the cake.

Verizon worked alongside ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and Minecraft design agency Blockworks to create an enormous cell phone within Minecraft proper, using only materials found in the game. There’s even a selfie stick players can utilize to take images of their Minecraft avatars and then send along to friends.

Popular YouTube streamer and Minecraft addict CaptainSparklez created a video in which he builds the cell phone and cell tower using the actual code from Blockworks, available via Github. He takes viewers on a tour and demonstrates the phone’s capabilities  by making some video calls, browsing the web, and more. It’s extremely impressive, especially when you consider how well this creation works. What are you crazy Minecraft kids going to come up with next?