Watch Adam Sandler Heartlessly Recall Making Kids Cry During the Dodgeball Scene in ‘Billy Madison’

“Now you’re all in big, BIG trouble.”

Image: YouTube

Billy Madison is unquestionably one of the best bro comedies of all time, but it didn’t come to life without the blood, sweat, and tears… of 6-year-old children. 

At least, that what Adam Sandler manages to recollect 20 years later regarding the side-splitting dodge ball scene in this hilarious interview segment from Conan. Check it out above. 

“I’m hitting all of these first graders really hard with a dodge ball… and I hit some kid, and gets upset and starts crying,” Sandler said. “Then the parents all come up and say ‘What’s the deal, you nailed that kid?’ And I was like ‘That’s the scene, I’m supposed to plug all of these kids. Didn’t they read the script?’ Then the parents said, ‘They’re six; they can’t read yet.'”

Watching the scene again, it really does seem like Sandler is going all out as he totally smokes these children. 

Anything for the sake of art, right? 

h/t: Bro Bible