Adam Sandler Endorses Ariana Grande’s ‘The Waterboy’ Impression

“Bobby Boucher approves of this message.”

Ariana Grande in concert
Getty Images

Ariana Grande made an elaborate video paying tribute to The Waterboy, Adam Sandler’s classic 1998 sports comedy, and Sandler is totally here for it.

Grande shared a video that re-created a scene from The Waterboy, in which Sandler’s Bobby Boucher misunderstands what two girls at a party mean when they ask if he has a girlfriend. Watch the original scene here:

Here is Grande’s video reenactment made with actress Elizabeth Gillies, who co-starred with the singer in Nickelodean’s Victorious TV show:

Sandler, who presumably is also in self-isolation like most of us, spotted Grande’s video and endorsed it on behalf of Bobby Boucher, sharing the post on Twitter with the caption, “Bobby Boucher approves of this message.”

Both stars have made news during the coronavirus crisis, with Sandler dedicating a “Quarantine Song” to doctors, nurses and first responders and Grande secretly sending Venmo payments to laid-off fans.