Adam Sandler Drops Hilarious ‘Sleep It Away’ Quarantine Music Video

The Sandman’s latest “quarantune” features raps about life in lockdown, napping with Shaq, and watching ESPN’s “The Last Dance.”

Adam Sandler Sleep It Away Promo

Adam Sandler just dropped another absurdly enjoyable “quarantune” that many of us on lockdown will likely appreciate. 

While Sandler’s “Quarantine Song” served as an uplifting salute to front-line healthcare workers, his new “Sleep It Away” is a relatable rap about the mundane, nap-filled routines during lockdown life.

“Wake in the morning, get up on my feet. Dress my arms and legs, then fall right back asleep. Wake up a few hours later, start to toast some bread. Pull it out, butter it up, then go back to bed.” 

Things get a little weirder when Sandler starts describing dreams of piloting spaceships, evading aliens, a snooze on Shaq’s chest, the end of the coronavirus pandemic, and finishing ESPN’s hit Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls docuseries The Last Dance


The video ends with a kind message to viewers that reads, “Our hearts are with you all. Love, the Sandler Family.” Watch it above.