WATCH: Congressman Loses Bet, Has to Sing “Meet the Mets” to the House

A great moment in American politics.

No matter the political persuasion, everyone can agree it really sucks to lose a bet. It certainly did for California Democrat Adam Schiff. The congressman is a staunch Los Angeles Dodgers fan, and he made the mistake of betting against his New York colleague Steve Israel’s National League Champion New York Mets, who beat the Dodgers handily as they steamed toward the World Series.

ABC reported Schiff’s duties once he was on the losing end of the rivalry: stand in the well of the House of Representatives, and sing “‘Meet the Mets’ while wearing a tie emblazoned with the Mets logo.”

Schiff will also have to send some gourmet popcorn made in Burbank to his winning fellow congressman. 

We have to give Rep. Schiff credit. That he posted the video of his sheepish and pained rendition of the Mets’ signature tune on his own Youtube account says he’s a pretty good sport, as politicians go. This is about as lighthearted as it gets in D.C. these days.