Adidas’ March Madness Uniforms Are Way Better than Last Year’s Disasters

Unless you love Zubaz, of course.

If you remember the monstrosities that were trotted out for college basketball’s biggest tournament last year (we can’t forget them, no matter how hard we try), you’ll be relieved when you see the uniforms Adidas is running on the court this year. The new format is clean, and even a bit – dare we say – fun, as evidenced by the “Sic’ Em” on the front of the Baylor uniform. 

They aren’t all sleeved either, which is fortunate because Dr. J didn’t wear sleeves, and look what that dude could do. The big logos and team names on the front and the school mantra sewn into the color will inspire players and hopefully make them forget that they’re just dispensable pawns in the NCAA’s moneymaking behemoth. They also boast superior “breathability and ventilation,” which apparently means, “lots of little tiny holes.”

Now if only they could help Bill Self bring home another championship, they’d be all set.