Adidas Releases The Most Advanced World Cup Ball Ever

But it probably won’t keep the Italians from blaming it when they lose.

The 2014 Brazil World Cup draw will occur this Friday, and yesterday, Adidas released Brazuca(which translates as – you guessed it – “Brazilian”) – the new match ball for the biggest stage in world sports. The ball is equipped with a six-panel design that is said to create the ideal stability and flight of the ball. The sneaky developers also snuck the ball into some league play to get a real opinion on how it plays. They’ve also pegged the biggest players, such as Lionel Messi(who we’ve heard it pretty good), to test it out:

World cup balls are rarely greeted with unanimous praise – in 2010 the goalkeepers complained about the ball’s flight, and in 2006 it was said that the ball was weighted for strikers. However, Adidas has gone through painstaking testing – going so far as to call this the most-tested ball in history – to make sure that it plays equally well for every player on the field.

Will that keep virtually every team that doesn’t make it through to the finals from using Brazuca as a scapegoat? Not a chance.

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