Adriana Lima Wants You To Watch The World Cup

The Brazilian supermodel is trying to convince guys to watch the World Cup. Tough sell.

In addition to being the Victoria’s Secret Angel of our dreams and one of the most recognizable Brazilian models today, Adriana Lima also happens to be a massive soccer fan. And with the start of the World Cup just days away, she’s out to convert American sports fans into becoming fans of fútbol.

The sultry stunner has teamed up with Kia Motors for its new World Cup-centric campaign, and the third (and final) commercial in the series was released this week. In it, Lima drives onto a high school football field in a Kia Optima and struts around in sky-high heels and a sexy black dress – an enticing prelude to the message eventually displayed on the screen: “For One Month, Let’s All Be Fútbol Fans.” Watch the whole video above for the full experience.

The other two commercials in the series (entitled “Adriana Lima Transforms A Man Cave” and “Adriana Lima Brings Fútbol To A Sports Bar”) also featured Lima’s signature walk, long legs, and something about soccer that was far less interesting than the part about her signature walk and long legs. All three commercials will air on ESPN for the duration of the World Cup. Just in case you needed another reason to watch.