Adrien Broner Has Had the Worst Week in Sports

Move over, D’Angelo Russell—this bigmouthed boxer is getting pummeled.

Adrien Broner.jpg

Adrien Broner had one job in preparing for Friday night’s fight against Ashley Theophane, who he’s expected to handle easily: Get down to 140 pounds. He didn’t do it. 

On Thursday, after weighing in at 140.4 pounds and refusing to cut the extra ounces, Broner was stripped of his WBA junior welterweight belt. He was also forced to give up $50,000 of his purse after choosing “not to go on and abuse his body,” as his trainer told USA Today

Add one more turd to the pile of shit that’s been Broner’s week. But don’t feel bad about it, he’s holding the shovel himself. 

Broner’s biggest bonehead move actually took place in January after losing $12,000 during some high stakes strike throwing at a Cincinnati bowling alley. 

According to witnesses, Broner pulled a gun on the man who out-bowled him and KO’d him before snatching back the cash. That resulted in felony assault and aggravated robbery charges and on March 22 warrants for his arrest were issued.

This being Broner’s week from hell, those charges proved a problem when they nearly prevented the Washington D.C. athletic commission from licensing him for Friday’s fight. But loose morals are kind of boxing’s thing, so Broner was eventually given his license after promising to return to Cincinnati on Monday to turn himself in.

In addition to sorting through that self-made headache and the fallout after his failure to cut weight, Broner also had to endure the criticism of his former mentor and “big brother,” Floyd Mayweather. 

“We know he ain’t never seen eight figures or nine figures. He has barely ever seen seven figures. It could be safe to say that one of my cars cost more than he made his whole career,” Mayweather told FightHype

“Money” also responded to the not-exactly-clever burn Broner unleashed earlier this week when he referred to Mayweather Promotions as Hateweather Promotions. Mayweather suggested that Broner’s ever-present “AB,” which is obviously his initials but also stands for About Billions Promotions, actually means “always broke.” Sigh. Two world class fighters with the jokes of 9 year olds. 

Remarkably, this week could actually end on something of a positive note for Broner if he knocks Theophane out as promised. But even then, he’ll probably do something dumb on Saturday and mess it all up again. He can’t seem to help it.