Porn Stars Pick the President

Are they ready for Hillary, feeling the Bern, or do they want Trump to make America great again? On the AVN Awards red carpet, the verdicts were split.


The lead-up to the presidential elections is exhausting, infuriating, and polarizing — and yet, that’s all we’re going to be talking about for the next several months. We haven’t even hit the primaries, but most everyone has a vocal opinion about who they think will be the best person to govern this country (or whose victory will make them flee to Canada). 

So when we hit up the AVN Awards red carpet, we were naturally curious about who the biggest names in porn were pulling for. Here’s who’s getting their votes: 

Jayden Cole
I don’t know yet. I think it’s little too early, so we’ll see. I’m definitely more concerned over who I’d vote for in Congress. Also someone asked me, “if Donald Trump hit on me, would I fuck him?” and I go “I’d probably fuck Hillary before I fuck Donald.” She’s kind of a bad bitch.

Anna Bell Peaks 
I’ll vote for the Republican nominee, so hopefully it’s Donald Trump. I like him, he’s a good businessman.

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CeeJay Strokes
Probably Hillary. I’m very political. I used to be very involved in politics back in the day. Quite a number of her views are good. Surprisingly enough though, Donald Trump, as crazy as it sounds, some of the stuff he endorses, I am for. But when it comes down to it, I’m going to vote for Hillary.

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Veronica Vain
It’s down to Trump and Hillary. I wish Trump would take some of the shit out, and I would be down. He’s too much, I worry about what would happen with certain things, of course. And then Hillary’s all “gay pride” and then like, “no, marriage is between a man and a woman”  She flip-flops, and that annoys me. The good news is that presidents don’t have that much power. 

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Vicki Chase
I’ve always wanted Hillary to win. I’m sorry, she’s a woman, woman power! I’m not gonna vote for Trump, I know that.

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Ela Darling

Bernie Sanders! I love his economic policy, I love his healthcare policy, I love the way that he treats women and immigrants and all marginalized people. He’s ethical, he has integrity, and I don’t think that’s really prominent in some of the other candidates.

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Ryan Driller
Well, hopefully Hillary. I know she’s kind of slipping behind in the polls lately but we’ll see. 

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Tia Kai
It’s kind of a hard decision because of the media. Now that Donald Trump has Sarah Palin backing him up, I feel like there’s so much hype and so much going on that people aren’t looking at the real issues. I feel like people need to do more research before they start voting. So as of right now I honestly don’t know.

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Ron Jeremy 
Hillary Clinton. Let me clear this up for you. If Robin Williams came to life and became a campaigner…George Carlin. Andy Dick. Sarah Silverman. If any of these comedians were campaigning to become President, we would love to hear what they had to say. We’d get a kick out of it, but do you want them to really win? No. You want their finger on the button? I don’t think so. Donald Trump is just water cooler dialogue. Hillary, I love her to pieces.

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Elsa Jean
No one. I don’t like anyone. 

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