This Advent Calendar Full of Old and Rare Whisky Is the Best Part of the Holidays

A dram a day’ll do ya.

Isn’t it an interesting, sweet¬†coincidence that when little kids finally run out of sugary loot from their Halloween pursuits, it just happens to be around December 1st…just in time for Advent calendars? Whether or not your religion encourages building the anticipation leading up to Christmas, who doesn’t like more chocolate in their lives, right?

Well, nothing against chocolate, but we’ve found something way more enticing: Master of Malt’s Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar. It ain’t for kids. And at almost $1,300, it ain’t cheap, either. But when else will you have a chance to sip some of the greatest examples of whisky on the planet? (If there’s no E in whisky, it has to be good.)

If a dram a day of the vintage brown stuff doesn’t do it for you, they offer Advent calendars for all sorts of other liquors, more in the $100 to $300 range. And if it doesn’t arrive (from the U.K.) before December 1st, you’ll just have to play a little catch-up. Either way, you’re sure to have the true spirits of Christmas in ya this year.

Photos by Master of Malt