Watch This Hilarious Trailer for ‘Ahockalypse’, the Feel-Good Zombie Hockey Movie You Never Knew You Needed

And the Oscar goes to…

The concept of inserting the heroic story of a hockey team’s road to success into a gore-filled zombie flick definitely sounds like what one might conjure up while they’re lung-deep in bong smoke. 

But low and behold, the low-budget laugher Ahockalypse has actually been created. 


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If you weren’t able to deduce its storyline from the title and trailer, here’s the YouTube description: 

The Prairie Kings fight for the championship and their lives all in the same night. The Kings are on top of the world after winning the cup only to find out that the Zombie Ahockalypse has happened! The boys with some help from Barry Melrose try to avoid sudden death!!

No one’s going to watch Ahockalypse for its silly-ass plot points, and NHL fans will surely be pumped about cameos from hard-hitting legends Kelly Chase and Berry Melrose


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But most of us will check it out solely to gawk at hockey players getting eaten alive by their zombified opponents…

…and figure out what the hell is happening in this scene. 

Ahockalypse is directed by Wayne H. Johnson and stars Alex Galick, Jesse Rennicke, Gabrielle Arrowsmith, Squall Charlson, Kaylee Williams, Lindsey Kuehl and Mason Roger Hendricks. 

A release date has yet to be disclosed, but in the meantime, prepare yourself for the best damn zombie-hockey horror comedy you’ve ever seen. 

h/t: Barstool Sports