AJ McCarron Accidentally Puts Nick Saban on Blast

The QB is making draft news for all the wrong reasons.

Brand new Cincinnati Bengal (and the always-quaffed) AJ McCarron took to the airwaves this weekend to try and justify his draft slide to pick 164. He blamed his film on the fact that he (and a good number of his teammates) spent a lot of time at Alabama playing injured for dark lord Nick Saban.

How he didn’t realize the shitstorm this would ignite, we don’t know. With the issue of NCAA player treatment at a fever pitch and Nick Saban’s reputation for, well, being Nick Saban, sports media took the story and ran with it. So far, in fact, that McCarron had to take to Twitter (which Nick Saban has undoubtedly never looked at) to try and justify his claims. Here are AJ’s tweets (from an account where the profile picture is him in a jersey he’s probably yet to put on). 

Yeah, AJ. It’s totally just about your hurty ribs and not at all about you being a big ol’ asshole

Photos by Thurman James / CSM / Landov