In Honor of the ‘Married…with Children’ Reboot, Watch This Supercut of Al Bundy Ogling Women

Will the Bundy brand of humor play for modern audiences?

Seeing that Full House is getting a spin-off series, it’s only fair that the Tanners’ more raucous counterpart – the Bundy clan – is rumored to be developing its own reboot. While the second coming of Full House is sure to be squeaky clean, we expect Married… with Children to return in all its uncouth, dysfunctional glory.

Case in point, a compilation video is making the rounds on YouTube that features none other than America’s favorite skirt-chasing patriarch, Al Bundy. Watch in discomfort as Al does what he regrettably does best – shamelessly ogle women in front of his hapless wife. It’s a hilarious 11-minute lesson in how to absolutely never behave as a husband or father. 

It will be a complicated task to update Al’s boorish, old school humor for modern audiences. However, we trust the reported subject of the forthcoming series, the now-adult son Bud, to revive the unapologetically frank Bundy brand of comedy. We also hope for dear life that Kelly Bundy makes an appearance.