Al Roker Pooped His Pants in the White House

The weatherman recalls the shart heard ’round the world.

The weatherman recalls the shart heard ’round the world.

Photo: NBC Photo

It’s happened in Farrelly brothers movies. It happened to fancy thespian Philip Seymour Hoffman. Chances are, it’s even happened to you. The shart, or shit-fart, is one of mankind’s most disgusting surprises. But we never thought we’d hear of such a thing happening in the White House, let alone perpetrated by the super friendly, formerly chubby Today Show weatherman, Al Roker. He admits to exactly that in a Dateline interview on NBC that’s making the rounds online. Apparently, thanks to the gastric bypass surgery he had to thin him out, his bowels played a trick on him when he was visiting the George W. Bush White House a few years back. What he thought would be an innocent passing of gas turned out instead to be “a little something extra.” Ew.

Listen to Al’s confession, and try not to shart yourself laughing.

Get to know your poop.

Get me to the girls.