“Alaska Marshals”: World’s Coldest Cops

Watch real-life U.S. Marshals battle bad guys and bad weather on the new series from Discovery. Exclusive clip!

Watch real-life U.S. Marshals battle bad guys (and bad weather) on the Discovery Channel’s Alaska Marshals.

Every year, hundreds of dangerous fugitives flee to that weird state up north, Alaska, to escape justice. That means the Marshals there have their work cut out for them, especially considering they also have to deal with a totally cold and unforgiving landscape. The new Discovery show Alaska Marshals, which premieres November 13, follows these badass Alaskan deputies as they chase, track, and apprehend snow-covered bad guys. Check out this exclusive clip:

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Alaska Marshals premieres Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 10pm on Discovery Channel.

Disovery Channel’s”Going Viral”  is awesome/gross.

These girls are just awesome.