“Alaskan Steel Men” Explores the Dangerous World of Metal Welders

Steel yourself for the newest manly TV show.

You’ve gone crab fishing with the dudes from Deadliest Catch. You’ve driven over thin ice with theIce Road Truckers team. You’ve even tried to strike it rich by digging around with the miners of Gold Rush. Well, time to strap on some protective goggles, ’cause the Alaska Steel Men are on the way to Discovery.

On this all-new tough-guys-with-terrifying-jobs docu-series, viewers will visit the harsh environment of Kodiak, Alaska, alongside the extreme metal welders who have some of the most dangerous jobs around. The show is hooked around Dennis Butts and his wife Theresa, owners of Quality Marine of Alaska. 

“You name it, we fix it,” says Butts. This includes things like barges at the bottom of the ocean and cracked boats that struck ice. “No matter how tough you are, Mother Nature is tougher,” admits Butts. “We’re talking boats sinking to the bottom of the ocean. You make a mistake, people die.” Sounds slightly tougher than working at the Maxim office, huh? 

Alaskan Steel Men premieres at 10pm on Friday, August 30 on Discovery Channel.

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