Aldon Smith vs. Von Miller: Who Is The NFL’s Most Devastating Pass-Rusher?

Let’s break down Smith and Miller and see who brings more pain.

The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos are quite fortunate, because Aldon Smith and Von Miller are the two best pass-rushers in pro football. And considering that each team leads its respective division, it’s also not surprising to see the ‘Niners and Broncos fielding unreal defenses. To that end, San Francisco and Denver’s defensive dominance throughout 2012 begins and ends with Smith and Miller. The NFL is obviously pass-heavy and offensively oriented. Well, to counteract an aerial onslaught these days, defenses have to apply constant quarterback pressure. This is exactly what Smith and Miller provide. As a result, there is no special recipe or secret in playing great defense and shutting explosive teams down. Just get to the quarterback and wreak as much havoc in the backfield as possible. With that said, let’s break down Smith and Miller and see who brings more pain.

Damon Tarver / CSM / Landov

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