Alex Rodriguez Lost His Mind and Stormed Out of MLB Arbitration Hearing

And then the embattled slugger went on the radio to talk all about it.

Based on yesterday’s antics, erstwhile Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez has a persecution complex. After storming out of his arbitration hearing with Major League Baseball — in which he seeks to overturn his 211-game suspension stemming from the BioGenesis scandal — Rodriguez went on Mike Francesa’s radio show to vent. 

“Today, I just lost my mind,” he said. “I banged a table and kicked a briefcase, and slammed out of the room.” A-Rod’s beef was with the decision that Commissioner Bud Selig does not have to attend the hearings, which made Alex very, very mad. You see, Bud Selig (or “The man from Milwaukee”) has it out for Rodriguez and is “trying to destroy” his career. We’d argue that A-Rod’s done a pretty good job destroying his own career without any help from Selig. The whole thing is pretty weird, and worth a watch, if only to see A-Rod get utterly indignant and talk about how much he loves New York City. 

Ultimately, though, the main takeaway is Rodriguez’ insistence that he’s done nothing wrong. “Were you guilty of any of these charges?” asked Francesa. “No.” “Did you do anything wrong?” “No.” Did you do any PEDs?” “No.” Did you obstruct justice, any witnesses, did you do anything that they accuse you of doing?” “Nothing.” Well, then. That’s that. Nothing to see here.