3 New TV Spots for ‘Alien: Covenant’ Just Dropped, and Holy Hell These Aliens Are Terrifying


Alien: Covenant probably won’t be anything like Ridley Scott’s high-concept 2012 Alien spinoff Prometheus.

From the looks of three new TV spots that are hitting airwaves, the legendary director has crafted a straight-up creature feature, recapturing the shock scares and close-quarter claustrophobia of the original films.

Each of the three TV teasers is dedicated to one of the extra-terrestrial monsters hiding in the Alien universe: the iconic “facehugger” that pops launches out of its cocoon to lay eggs inside its human victims, the legendary “Xenomorph,” and lastly a new monster with no eyes but a giant, extending mouth of razor-blade teeth.

Clearly, most members of the swashbuckling crew of astronauts sent to colonize new planets won’t return safely back to earth. 

Actors Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Demián Bichir play crew members of the titular colony ship Covenant while Michael Fassbender returns as a trusty android helper.

Above, rewatch the full theatrical trailer for Alien: Covenant, which hits theaters May 19.