Amare Stoudemire Takes Questions in His Red Wine Bath

The oft-injured Knicks star enjoys a vintage float.

When you’re given a $100 million dollar contract, your eccentricities tend to become a bit more, shall we say, pronounced. In addition to his fashion line, Amare Stoudemire has become quite a wine aficionado. But not in the way you think. Amare has credited his rejuvenation this season to wine consumption. This consumption however, is through his pores, because the dude is bathing in red wine. And not the cheap stuff, either.

Amare got in the bath with ESPN The Magazine for a little explanation as to what the heck he’s doing with his life:

Stoudemire is in the final year of a contract that the Knicks are desperately looking to unload, either through a trade (unlikely) or just buying Amare out (yep, that’s the one). Looks like Stoudemire will just have to take his wine-bathing ways on the road. Wine-bath limousine hot tub anyone?