This Amazing Supercut Shows 100 Of The Best Dunks of 2015

And LeBron had six of the best.

August is a pretty boring month for basketball fans, which probably explains why the NBA just put out this 23-minute video with the 100 best of dunks from last season. The league knows fans are thirsty and this compilation satisfies like a bottle of Arctic Ice Gatorade. Watch and here’s what you’ll see:

-LeBron dunking six times. Tied for the most with DeAndre Jordon.

-Dwight Howard dunking only once, same as Dirk, who pretty much never dunks! 

-A lot of The Kings, a bad team with some great dunkers, including DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay Ben McLemore and Derrick Williams.

-Old man Kobe Bryant actually dunking, before his body exploded. 

Photos by Jason Miller/Getty Images