Amazon Is Selling Controversial Christmas Sweaters Featuring Santa Claus Doing Cocaine

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


Many may find sweatshirts currently for sale on Amazon and featuring a hollow-eyed Santa preparing to do some lines of “snow” darkly funny. But they’ve caused a huge stir for a different retail giant, Walmart. To that corporation as well as a certain country once associated with cocaine, they aren’t funny at all.

While no such sweater was found on the U.S. Walmart website, it was on the Canadian site, and the company received numerous complaints that it was inappropriate, including from the nation of Colombia

Colombia even demanded Walmart pay them, saying that “the Walmart sweater is an offense to the country. It generates damage to the legal products of Colombia and damage to the country’s reputation.”

So Walmart pulled it and apologized, saying in a statement given to Business Insider that the “sweaters, sold by a third-party seller on (our website in Canada), do not represent Walmart’s values and have no place on our website.” 

A variety of ‘Santa snorting coke’ sweaters are still for sale on Amazon, and they are going like crazy.  

Though the sweaters are listed as coming from Amazon, Business Insider reports that they are really from third parties and Amazon is taking on the responsibility of packing and shipping them to customers. This business model is enormously profitable for Amazon, but as BI notes, with “the reliance on third-party sellers comes a loss of control over quality.”

Vice points out that the sweaters do not appear to violate Amazon’s Code of Conduct for third-party sellers, so chances are no one’s bothering with yanking them before the holiday season ends. 


That said, if anyone is willing to shell out $32 on a joke sweatshirt for their favorite cocaine-dealing aunt, we just want to point out that between Santa and Rudolph, the latter (see above) is a much more logical choice. 

You didn’t think a red-nosed reindeer that can fly was just born that way, did you?