American Harvest Vodka

It’s a vodka in the USA!

It’s a vodka in the USA! 

Brand: American Harvest Organic Vodka

We love whiskey and rum as much as the next guy, but pounding dark liquor can almost instantly guarantee a rough morning the next day.

Why not try something a little cleaner and clearer? Nope, this isn’t about a new acne wash, it’s about American Harvest’s Organic Vodka! It’s got none of the gross chemicals and preservatives that often come with liquor and is made with organic wheat on an organic wheat farm in Idaho.

That’s right. Healthy. 

Enjoy it in a bloody mary, infuse it with bacon, sip it on the rocks or even neat with some cracked pepper on the top. Or just drink it straight.

Ahh. That’s nice. 

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