America's Top 10 Party Cities

From coast to coast in every time zone, for those who continue to rock, we salute you.
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Check out how our Maxim mathematicians narrowed down the list!

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10. Chicago
The Land of Ditka can thank her college undergrads (141,688 locals are enrolled in four-year programs) and respectable booze-palace density (one for every 3,588 residents) for helping her make this list. But the warning is clear, Chicago: Party or perish.

9. Dallas
Texans of Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston: Big D outparties you. The city's median age is a list low: 32.63 years. And the only thing you can't get away with there is drinking in a bar 24 hours a day. But that's why they sell beer in cans.

8. New Orleans
Much is made about what's wrong with the Big Easy. Let us tell you what's right: There's a bar for every 995 residents—six times as many watering holes per capita as Miami. At home, locals consume 10.65 cases of beer annually—the highest rate on this list.

7. Detroit
Bless you, Detroit. Bless your downtown casinos. Bless your unwavering commitment to ordinance-free Sunday drinking. Bless your 1.06 women to every mustache-sporting Detroit man. Like your favorite son, Kid Rock, long may you party.

6. Tampa
It's four o'clock: Do you know where your dad is? He's probably at one of the city's 49 strip clubs. That's more booby-barns than you'll find in Vegas. Yes, the city's median age is a list-high 40.45 years, but citizens down 5.41 cases of beer at home annually.

Check out
how our Maxim mathematicians narrowed down the

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5. Las Vegas
2006 #1 Party City falls victim to this year's metrics; we've done a
better job of including home-based partying. Still, almost nothing's
off-limits in Sin City 'cept dancing. And 14.9 percent of Vegasettes
are divorced and feeling kind of lucky.

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4. New York
there are 1.06 women for every guy. Indeed, there are 88 modeling
agencies. It is a 4 A.M. town. And, yes, 66 strip clubs hide across the
five boroughs. But what's the point if the law says ladies can't smoke
or shake their butts in bars?

3. Atlanta
don't get enough sleep 9.74 days a month, which helps explains why
there are 91 24-hour restaurants. The secret to this top-three placing
is Atlanta's 56,006 college undergrads (Vegas' downfall) and
party-compliant ordinances (N.Y.C.'s downfall).

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2. Los Angeles
L.A. has one pitiful bar for every 6,284 people, it does have teaming
hordes of hot coeds and professional women. Raise a Jamba Juice to the
ladies of the city's 60 modeling agencies and 38 strip clubs. And to
the Greyhound buses they rode in on.

1. Miami
on you, Miami, a city with 49 modeling agencies and a 13.2 percent
divorcée rate. Most of all, we like your market-driven nightlife: Bars
close whenever, dancing and smoking are accepted, and happy hour is a
lifestyle. Plus, Shaq's the only cop in town!