Watch Amy Schumer Get Raunchy While Channeling a Stand-Up Tradition In ‘The Leather Special’

She cracks a joke about “swallowing” in this NSFW clip from her new Netflix special.

Eddie Murphy Amy Schumer
Left: Netflix

For all of those played-out allegations about Amy Schumer’s joke thievery, the comedy superstar is as hilarious as ever in this new trailer for The Leather Special on Netflix

The clip gives us a sampling of the topics Schumer expertly crafts into comedy, including her own, uh, personal smell and and whether men really care what their semen tastes like.

The title originates from the that enduring trope of stand-up comedy specials originated by the great Eddie Murphy–rocking an all-leather outfit onstage. “Every comic has some special where they wear all leather, and they regret it later,” Schumer explains.

She’s got a point. In 1983’s Delirious, Eddie Murphy rocked an instantly iconic red leather suit. Though we somehow doubt he ever really regretted it. 

Chris Rock went for a baggier black leather look in one of the most commercially successful stand-up specials of all time–1996’s Bring the Pain. 

Image: YouTube

And one of today’s reigning comedy kings Kevin Hart loves black leather so much, he wore it during his 2010 special Seriously Funny AND a Saturday Night Live hosting gig. 

Image: YouTube

We’ll have to see if like the leather look, Schumer’s special becomes a classic when it hits Netflix on March 7. 

Image: NBC

h/t: Uproxx