Amy Schumer Just Signed a Multi-Million Dollar Book Deal

The Comedy Central star has entered “f-ck you money” territory. Find out how much her book deal was for. 

Amy Schumer, who rose to fame in large part because of her relatable, regular-gal appeal, is about to become a lot less ordinary. The Emmy-winning comic has reportedly signed a massive, seven-figure book deal with an unnamed publisher that will make her quite rich.

Details are scant, but a source told Entertainment Weekly that the winning bid for her book proposal is somewhere between $8 to 10 million. This figure blows Lena Dunham’s reported $3.5 million advance for Not That Kind of Girl out of the water; at the time, that figure was widely considered to be excessive and angered a few folks.

The book itself will reportedly be about Amy’s childhood and how she broke into comedy. Schumer is one of Hollywood’s hottest comics right now, and Sunday’s Emmy win for her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer most certainly helped bring those bids up. If she pools her money with new BFF Jennifer Lawrence, the two of them could probably buy and sell us all.

Photos by Matthew Peyton / Comedy Central