This Surfer’s Insane 40-Foot Wipeout Is Hard to Watch


On January 27 Tom Dosland nearly died. The pro surfer was caught on video falling head-first into the maw of a colossal 40-foot crest while chasing gigantic waves in Maui, Hawaii. 

To everybody’s astonishment, Dosland surfaced relatively unscathed, describing his insane wipeout as “a brutal beating, like I was in a car crash.”

But while the pro surfer celebrated his good luck, he mourned the death of his beloved board, which was completely destroyed in the ordeal.

“That wave was so heavy,” Dosland told to Surfer Magazine. “It would be cool to get a Wipeout of the Year award. Wave of the Year would have been better, but that’s how it goes. There’s still hope.”

Just a few hours after his fall, Dosland was already on his way to conquer new waves at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Maybe this time the thrill-seeker will land that Wipeout of the Year award — and keep his board in the process.