Andy Kaufman Is Actually Dead, Still Screwing With People’s Minds

We try to sort out who is hoaxing who.

The world was abuzz earlier this week when Michael Kaufman, brother of legendary comedian, actor, and trickster, announced that he had received a letter from this brother, confirming that he was in fact, alive and well – living a life of solitude with a family. In fact, he sent out his oldest daughter to deliver his message at the Andy Kaufman Awards in New York.

Well, now, Michael Kaufman has said that he’s been the victim of a hoax, about the very death hoax he thought he was being hoaxed about to begin with. He doesn’t know who is at the heart of this hoax, but they seem to know a lot about Andy’s relationship with his brother, as Michael claimed that his fake daughter was able to tell him things that only they knew.

Confused? Us too. Maybe Twitter can help sort this thing out.

Nope, that just made it worse. 

Photos by Photo: Everett Collection | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013