Watch Giants Outfielder Angel Pagan Bodyslam a Field Intruder

Seriously, just stay in the stands.

Baseball is famously slow-paced, sometimes to the point of tedium. This relaxed nature probably contributes to more on-field fan shenanigans than you see in other sports—like the flower-toting nimrods who ran on the field at the Giants-Dodgers game Friday night. 

They made their move in the fourth inning, trotting around the diamond and handing out flowers. While that’s certainly preferable to violence or even old-fashioned streaking, Giants left fielder Angel Pagan clearly wasn’t in the mood for that shit and he let the idiot who approached him know with a move worthy of The Rock—a straight-up suplex. 

Pagan flattened the dude and held him down long enough for security to come and complete the job. Then he casually stood, walked back to his dropped glove and resumed his position—as the fans went absolutely wild.

Who can blame them? Baseball does have its team-on-team brawls and occasional player tantrums, but it’s not every day you go to a major league game and see someone bust out a killer pro-wrestling move. 

h/t Daily News