Angry Goalie Hitting Opponent in the Head Proves Karma Exists

Instant karma, at that.

There’s not too much background available on this video – which was captured at an indoor soccer game with what looks to be one of these – but that’s ok, because you get all you need from the short clip.

The goalie collects the ball and wants to distribute it, but he’s hassled by an opposing player. Our man must have a pretty short fuse, because after a few seconds of the attacker not retreating, the goalie winds up and fires a fastball at the dude’s head. Except that instead of the result he was seemingly expecting – that the guy would get knocked out, everyone would cheer, they’d throw him a parade, and Warren Buffett would give him a billion dollars – the ball careens into the air, sails over the hothead’s hot head, and drops right into the goal.

If that doesn’t make you quake in fear of karma, you’re inhuman. If you need us, we’ll be busy apologizing for every crappy thing we’ve ever done.